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Creating a Pollinator Paradise in Your Backyard

Soma SHIPPED COD ~ Soma CHEAP NO MEMBERSHIP Rowayton Gardeners are proud participants in the Pollinator Pathway and we encourage all residents to plant for pollinators.  This wonderfully graphic article by Alice Ely is a terrific guide for us all as it includes information on natives and non-natives, perennials and annuals that provide food and habitats for bees, … SOMA OVERNIGHT COD

It IS Easy Being Green Soma online ordering next day VISA Mastercard accepted Pledge Your Yard as a Pesticide-Free Zone! Organic lawn and garden care is friendly to pollinators, birds and humans. Going organic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an aesthetically pleasing lawn and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to devote long hours to tending your lawn. It DOES mean planting … Buy Soma no script next day delivery

Pollinator Garden Plants and Practices Order Soma no script next day delivery Enjoy this lengthy, detailed and illustrated article from the Nature Conservancy as they “explore the intimate connections plants and pollinators depend on for survival and how this understanding can enhance our own efforts when gardening for wildlife.” See the full article here.

Best Plants for Butterflies

More than 85% of the earth’s plants require pollinators to exist.  Using these plants in your landscape with keep our butterfly and moth pollinators thriving! Check out this list from American Beauty Native Plants that includes plant type, whether it is a nectar source and/or a host plant, its bloom time and …

Best Plants for Bees

American Beauties Native Plants says, “1 out or every 3 bites of food you eat comes from plants that are pollinated by bees. Your help is crucial to keep these bees thriving!”  See their list of native plants that includes plant type, bloom time and exposure requirements.

Help Us Help Our Pollinators!

Like other environmentally concerned organizations, Rowayton Gardeners has become increasingly aware of the significant dangers to humans as well as the environment in using hazardous synthetic pesticides like Roundup.  We encourage all of our neighbors to avoid glyphosate and other toxic pesticides used in landscape management to kill crab grass, …

Pollinators Video

Thanks to Priscilla Feral and Meghan McIntire for a great video (mounted on YouTube) on pollinators and how we can help them survive.  This is such an important time of year to be particularly aware of how our actions can help bees. butterflies and birds thrive in our community and …