How do I prune my Hydrangeas and when is the best time of year to do it?

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If you have the new hybrid reblooming Hydrangeas, you may cut them back in fall to the size and shape you desire. Examples:

H. Endless Summer
H. Let’s Dance Starlight

width: 35em; Hydrangeas that bloom later in summer and bloom only on new growth:

  • May be cut back now as well.
  • You may choose to cut back the above types in fall or in the spring.
H. Grandiflora Paniculata PeeGee
H. Paniculata Tardiva
H. Aborescens Annabelle

margin: 0 auto; Older Hydrangea species that that bloom only on last year’s buds:

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  • Leave as many tips as possible only cutting back dead, weak, twisted, low lying branches and clean up further in the spring.
H. Macrophylia Nikko Blue
H. serrata Bluebird
H. Serrata Bluebird

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  • If the brown heads bother you, cut the tips off and if they are mushy, cut them as soon as possible.
  • When in doubt use the Older Hydrangea pruning method.