buy soma online Executive Board
http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ soma overnight delivery only July 2019 – June 2020

Presidents: Kathy Leeds and Betsy Bain
1st Vice President: Linda Paolini
2nd Vide President: Kevin Tepas
Recording Secretary: Carol Hooper
Corresponding Secretary: Debbie Douglas
Treasurer: Dianne Scott
Assistant Treasurer: Lynn Anderson

Standing and Special Committee Chairs

Adult Programs: Charlotte Gannon, Amy Tyson
Christmas Market: Frani Taylor
Civic Beautification:
~~Bayley Beach: Ellen Duggins
~~Community Center Gardens: Phyllis Padro – all borders and beds; Lilly Langotsky – courtyard and containers; Stella Thomas – rose beds; Sally Tepas – flagpole
~~McKinley Triangle: Charlotte Gannon
~~Pinkney Herb Garden:  Kathy Leeds
~~Pinkney Memorial Garden: Pamela Proctor
~~Rowayton School Pond: Betsy Bain
~~Sammis Street Triangle: Frani Taylor
~~White Bridge Triangle: Pam Nielsen
Club Carpenter:  Michael Poler
Communications: Kathy Leeds
Environmental Awareness: Priscilla Feral
Garden Therapy: Ellen Bieber
Horticulture: Kevin Tepas
Hospitality: Sally Tepas, Cathy Konstantin
Library Flowers: Judy Heilmann
Membership: Stella Thomas
Photo Historian:  Petrea Poler
Pollinator Pathway: Lisa Shanahan
Potting Shed:  Linda Paolini, Jane Bowen
Spring Fundraiser: TBD

Rowayton Gardeners 2017-18