Membership Guidelines and List

General Membership Guidelines:

  • Residents of the Sixth Taxing District and of Wilson Point are eligible for membership.  Additionally, non-residents interested in actively supporting the mission and purpose of the Rowayton Gardeners will be considered for membership.
  • Members MUST serve on at least one committee annually and the take part in Christmas Market and Spring Market fundraisers. They agree also to assist with special projects upon request.
  • Those individuals wishing to join the Club shall submit their applications to the Membership Committee, using the membership application form.

Currently our membership includes the following Gardeners:

A   Lynn Anderson~Susan Anderson~Jane Antil~Donna Atkins

B   Pippa Bailey~Betsy Bain~Alexandra Baudoin~Melinda Bauers~Sarah Baxter~Judy Beavers~Bridget Bennett~Betty Berelson~Joan Bergen~ Ellen Bieber~Kelly Brewer

C   Michele Casey~Ann Cioffi~Stephanie Close~Erin Combs~Deborah Connelly~Martha Cook~Mariann Covello~Barbara Currie

D   Ann Martin DiLeone~Mary Divett~Debbie Douglas~Kathy Draper~Margot Draycott~Ellen Duggins

E   Margot Epprecht

F   Priscilla Feral~Carolyn Fish~Abbie Floe ~ June Foster~Lois Froelich

G   Charlotte Gannon~Carol Giunta~Blair Gorman~Theresa Grab~Sarah Graber~Emily Grabowski~Lisa Wilson Grant~Julie Griffiths~Lee Grogan~Pat Gross~Lee Gulbin~Krissy Guttroff

H   Kathleen Hagerty~Carey Hahn~Judy Heilmann~Beverly Hennessey~Carol Hooper~Valerie Horn~Karen Hurley

J   Marianne Jean~Laurie Jones

K   Robyn Kammerer~Meg Kelleher~Jane Kellogg~June Klopfer~Alison Kohlmeyer~Cathy Konstantin~Molly Kopcsay

L   Elizabeth Lahaussois~Lisa Laible~ Dana Laird ~Tammy Langalis~Lilly Langotsky~Kathy Leeds~Sarah Little

M  Bridget Mariner~Ginny Martin~Lynn Stephens Massey~Yvonne McCall~Suzanne McCollum~Karin McCormick~Christine McGee~Sandy Meagher~Susanne Miller~Abbie Moynihan~Joyce Muir

N   Tasha Nagler~Rilla Neafsey~Shirley Nichols~Pam Nielsen~Debbie Nightingale~Suki Nolte


P   Phyllis Padro~Linda Paolini~Michael Poler~Petrea Poler~Pamela Proctor ~Ann Purcell

R  Sarah Ritchey~Katie Rockwell~Sarah Roelofs~Jozé Roth

S   Nancy Schlater~Sam Schmitz~Dianne Scott~Lisa Shanahan~Marny Smith~Noel Smith~Roger Smith~Dani Snow~Katie Sparkman~Robin Stineman~Cathy Streich~Dossie Sullivan~Deanna Supple

T   Frani Taylor~Kevin Tepas~Sally Tepas~Stella Thomas~Christine Thompson~Gwynne Tibbetts~Brooke Townsend~Katie Turnbull~Kathy Turner~Amy Tyson

V   Karin Van Sloten~Mary Verel

W  Mary Ellen Walsh~Meggan Warren~Karin Weller~Tory Woodruff~Pam Woods~Andrea Woodworth~Woody Woodworth

Y   Susan Young