Pollinator Pathway

Wildflowers for Pollinators with Blooming Seasons

Pollinator Pathway has created a terrific illustrated guide to plants that will attract hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators through most of the year. Plan your buffet for the bees with this handy chart.Continue reading“Wildflowers for Pollinators with Blooming Seasons”

Organic Grub Control Options

From Protect our Pollinators, here is a way to prevent grubs in your lawn without using products that can harm our insect friends.  It involves some common sense organic steps to diagnose and then control the grubs that can decimate lawns.Continue reading“Organic Grub Control Options”

Native Shrubs, Trees and Plants for Pollinators

American Beauty Native Plants has put together a list of native shrubs and trees that pollinators love.  See their website for more information, but this list includes plant type, bloom time and preferred exposure. A second list includes native plants that will attract pollinators…have a look!Continue reading“Native Shrubs, Trees and Plants for Pollinators”

Connecticut Trees for Pollinators

From Bringing Nature Home, By Doug Tallamy, this list of native trees includes the number of butterfly species supported by each and a ranking of the twenty most valuable Mid Atlantic plant genera in terms of their ability to support butterflies.  Thanks to the Pollinator Pathway for compiling these lists!Continue reading“Connecticut Trees for Pollinators”

Create Your Own Butterfly Garden

There are many plant varieties that butterflies love and this garden plan includes many of them.  From trees to shrubs to perennials and annuals, the scheme would be a veritable magnet!Continue reading“Create Your Own Butterfly Garden”