Recycling Tip

Recycling can be confusing. To that end Skip the Plastic Norwalk is posting weekly recycling tips to help clear up some of the confusion. This week:  OOPS! No plastic peanuts or bubble wrap, please.

Neither plastic peanuts nor bubble wrap are recyclable.  Please consider reusing them if they’re in good shape. or ask your favorite shop if they accept packing materials. Otherwise, throw packing peanuts in the trash and return bubble wrap to a retailer that accepts plastic film.

NOTE: Norwalk does not use recycling symbols 1 – 7 to determine what is recyclable, nor does a recycling symbol automatically mean the item can be recycled. Click the link below for Norwalk’s “What In, What’s Out” list. Feel free to email with questions and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @skiptheplasticnorwalk.