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On Wednesday afternoon, at the Annual Awards Meeting of the FGC of Connecticut, our very own Rowayton Gardeners won several important awards and citations!  This formal recognition of our efforts was applauded by almost 400 garden club members from around Connecticut (a thrill for attending Gardeners June Klopfer, Carol Hooper and Kathy Leeds).  Awards we received were:
The Award of Honor (“conferred on a garden club or council of garden clubs which, over a period of five years, has maintained a record of exceptional achievement in upholding the aims and purposes of the Federation”– Silver Cup Award from the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut

The Cornelia Williamson Watson Award for Historic Preservation (“for their involvement with the design and construction of a new organic garden and refurbishing buildings that make up the Potting Shed Garden Education Center in their community“) – Certificate from the New England Region Federated Garden Clubs
Award of Excellence (“Rowayton Gardeners worked with several groups in town to rehabilitate an old 1930’s greenhouse & potting shed”) – Silver Tray Award from the Historic, Memorial and Public Gardens section of the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut
Club Certificate of Achievement (“spearheaded a project to make Pinkney Park a pesticide-free park”) – Certificate from the Environmental Concerns/Conservation section of the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut
Certificate of Individual Achievement (“to Phyllis Padro for continually sharing her horticultural expertise at various civic beautification sites”– Certificate from the Horticulture section of the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut
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