Membership Guidelines and List

General Membership Guidelines:

  • Residents of the Sixth Taxing District and of Wilson Point are eligible for membership.  Additionally, non-residents interested in actively supporting the mission and purpose of the Rowayton Gardeners will be considered for membership. Note that membership in the club is based  on the spirit of collaboration, as well as kindness toward and respect for other members.
  • Members MUST serve on at least one committee annually and take part in Christmas Market and Spring Market fundraisers. They agree also to assist with special projects upon request.
  • Those individuals wishing to join the Club shall submit their applications to the Membership Committee, using the membership application form.

Currently our membership includes the following Gardeners:

A   Ute-Denise Andersen~Lynn Anderson~Susan Anderson~Carol Anderson

B   Betsy Bain~Alexandra Baudoin~Sarah Baxter~Bridget Bennett~Betty Berelson~ Ellen Bieber~Carol Bildahl~Sarah Boles~Jane Bowen

C   Michele Casey~Stephanie Close~Fran Cohen~Jean Constantine~Martha Cook~Mariann Covello~Barbara Currie

D  Will Dagostino~Hannah Dent~Ann Martin DiLeone~Susan DiLoreto~Mary Divett~Debbie Douglas~Margot Draycott~Kathy Draper~Ellen Duggins

E   Margot Epprecht

F   Carolyn Fish~June Foster~Lois Froelich

G   Charlotte Gannon~Carol Giunta~Theresa Grab~Lisa Wilson Grant~Julie Griffiths

H   Carey Hahn~Elizabeth Harleman~Barbara Hennessy~Beverly Hennessey~Judy Heilmann~Carol Hooper~Valerie Horn~Karen Hurley

J   Marianne Jean~Laurie Jones

K   Robyn Kammerer~Margaret Killip~June Klopfer~~Cathy Konstantin~Alisa Kuhn

L   Lisa Lahaussois~Lisa Laible~Dana Laird~Tammy Langalis~Lilly Langotsky~Gary Leeds~Kathy Leeds~Maggie Lederer

M  Alison Marcell~Suzanne McCollum~Karin McCormick~Lisa McDermott~Sandy McDonnell~Christine McGee~Sandra Meagher~Karen Meese~Nicole Miles~Susanne Miller~ Abbie Moynihan~Joyce Muir

N   Catherine Nash~John Nestro~Shirley Nichols~Pam Nielsen

P   Phyllis Padro~Linda Paolini~Petrea Poler~Pamela Proctor ~Ann Purcell

R  Kathleen Raby~ Sarah Ritchey~Caren Rossi~Jozé Roth~Sue Ryan

S   Nancy Schlater~Sam Schmitz~Christine Scholtz~Dianne Scott~Kim Seath~Lisa Shanahan~Kajsa Sheibley~Hunter Siegal~Roger Smith~Dani Snow~Katie Sparkman~Robin Stineman~Cathy Streich~Dossie Sullivan~Donna Sylvestri

T   Frani Taylor~Kevin Tepas~Sally Tepas~Stella Thomas~Christine Thompson~Ann Thompson-Haas~Brooke Townsend~Kathy Turner~Amy Tyson

V  Mary Verel

W  Mary Ellen Walsh~Ginny Waters~Pam Woods