Grass Roots Tennis & Education

The Rowayton Gardeners are glad to participate in the Grass Roots Tennis & Education program working with school children in our area in an  after-school program sponsored by the US Tennis Association. See below a description (from Chair Lisa Laible) of our component of this important and unique gardening and healthy eating aspect of the Club’s outreach initiative:

 We are looking for flexible people (in spirit and schedule) who are passionate about creative healthy food and communing with this great demographic of kids (mostly middle schoolers) during the school year; and “garden tenders” during the summer months who can go water the plants on their own time and pick, share produce or enthusiasm for sharing tastings with the kids /families who are down at tennis courts late afternoon, or wandering by throughout the day (camp is ~ 6 weeks in morning and can have a committed time slot for engagement with kids or more casual)
The Healthy Snack activities are generally two rotating groups of 7-13 kids each.  Usually 2-3 volunteers are good.  For example, yesterday Stella and I had only 3 kids in the first group (they can’t guarantee who will show up) and at least 13 in the second group to make bruschetta– again, flexibility is key.
Last year in the fall we seemed to have two full groups each rotation, but in the winter when kids are going to indoor tennis off-site, there are way fewer and sometimes barely any kids, so we taper off our programming, but have to sort of feel out the trend. Please contact Lisa Laible if you would like more information or would like to participate.