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Introduction to Ikebana with Kathy Draper

Rowayton Gardeners at the Potting Shed invite you to have fun with flowers on Thursday, October 14th. Lifetime member of the Rowayton Gardeners, Kathy Draper, has achieved the esteemed top degree of Riji, the highest teacher’s certification of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. She has done numerous exhibits, installations, workshops, and demos in her four decades in the field. Kathy has been the director of the Connecticut Sogetsu Ikebana Study Group for more than ten years

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The Carvathon Is Back!

Join us for one of our most popular family activities! We will provide the carving tools, the pumpkins, our ever-charming Potting Shed ambiance and friendly volunteer staff. As always, we’ll offer two afternoons of carving, (choose Wednesday, October 20th or Thursday, October 21st, both from 4 to 5:30 pm ), followed by an evening Pumpkin Stroll Friday, October 22nd from 6 to 7 pm ) when we’ll offer apple cider and treats, games and a chance for the kids and their families to see their creations all aglow. Continue reading“The Carvathon Is Back!”

When Dividing Plants in Late Summer or Fall, Think Big

Horticulture Magazine has a helpful article on how and when to divide perennials in late summer and early fall. Many perennials can be divided right now and plant division is an easy and free way to increase your garden’s plant population (or share with a friend).

Rowayton Gardeners Leadership Team

At our Annual Meeting (this year with a lovely luncheon in the Library Courtyard at the Rowayton Community Center) we welcomed our newly approved officers and appointed chairs.  Check out the list on our website! Please note that our wonderful Co-Vice Presidents, Kevin Tepas and Lisa Lahaussois, will assume presidential duties until we have a new President for the Club.  Please contact Julie Griffiths if you have an interest in the position and would like to learn more.

Have a Savvy Summer

By mid-summer, perennial gardens can start to look overgrown, annual flowers begin to fade, and bugs may be munching on your vegetables. Savvy Gardening shares some  tips for revitalizing your flower gardens and keeping those veggies in high production all summer long.Wend your way through this ad-strewn but helpful checklist.

Join us on the Pollinator Pathway

Potting Shed

What’s Happening at the Potting Shed?