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How to Clean Your Houseplants

BioAdvanced has a good article about how, why and when to clean your houseplants. Take a look here – its almost time for spring cleaning! Healthy houseplants need more than water and sunlight to thrive. They also need a little TLC – tender loving cleaning. By removing dust and dirt from leaves, you’re paving the way for healthier houseplants.

“Our Earth, Your Choice” Series Continues!

Please join us on Wednesday, March 29th (6:30 pm) in person at Norwalk Library for a talk by Bill Lucey, the Long Island Soundkeeper and a Save the Sound representative as he discusses storm water pollution and solutions we can use to mitigate its harms to our rivers and Norwalk Harbor. Stormwater runoff is the #1 threat to water quality in Connecticut, and with increasing storm frequency and intensity, the challenges and costs of managing stormwater continue to grow. Continue reading““Our Earth, Your Choice” Series Continues!”

Norwalk Invests in Trees

Norwalk is investing about $1 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds, in addition to other grant and city funds to improving and maintaining its tree canopy.

For Norwalk officials, including Councilwoman Lisa Shanahan, the WestCOG study was a wake up call about the work the city needed to do to improve its tree cover. In addition to the regional study that WestCOG conducted, it also did a specialized report for Norwalk since it had the lowest canopy coverage in Western Connecticut.Continue reading“Norwalk Invests in Trees”

10 Tasks to Keep Your Garden Growing this Winter

Proven Winners has published a helpful list of things to do while we while away the winter cold.  This preamble sets the stage: “Winter is certainly the time to dream, plan and prepare for next year’s garden, but there are a number of tasks you can do out in the garden to keep it growing well through the winter months. Let’s take a look at ten ways to maintain your green thumb through the coldest time of year.”

Rowayton Gardeners Urge Action on Invasives

Our members recently approved a letter that will now be sent on to our local and statewide representatives concerning the proliferation of invasive plants in Connecticut and the lack of legislative action (over the past 20 years) to address this threat to our natural habitats. The complete text of the letter offers background and a list of five realistic recommendations.Continue reading“Rowayton Gardeners Urge Action on Invasives”