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Forcing Bulbs

Ready to have a touch of spring in your house? Have a look at this helpful guide from White Flower Farm that will reassure you that “forcing” is actually “fooling” and easier than you think!  They remind us that “although we usually think of forcing Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Tulips, many of the smaller bulbs are also extremely easy and gratifying to force: Crocus, Muscari (Grape Hyacinth), Scilla, Dwarf Irises, and Anemones also will give great results.”

Rowayton Gardeners Welcomes New Members!

Are you thinking ahead to spring and some warmer weather? Yearning for the chance for some outdoor activities that yield not only new tips and methods for your own home garden, but also new friends? The Rowayton Gardeners Club welcomes new members who want to “roll up their sleeves” and get involved. You’ll find information about how to let us know your interests, discover ways to participate, learn how to join the Club and check out a list of more than 100 current Rowayton Gardeners on our Membership Page.

Seed Catalogue Surfing for 2022

If you can wend your way amid the ads, Garden Betty’s annotated list of her favorite catalogues will bring you beyond the basics. Her intro: “If you love to curl up with a seed catalog and devour it like a good book, this is my roundup of the best seed catalogs that I order from year after year for my vegetable, herb, and flower gardens. You’ll find heirloom seeds, certified organic seeds, open-pollinated seeds, and hybrid seeds bred for pest and disease resistance, as well as seed garlic, seed potatoes, onion sets, shallot sets, and asparagus crowns.

A Guide to Winter Pruning

Winter is a good time for some sorts of pruning and Tree Hugger provides a brief but informative guide to good pruning practice at this time of year. Before you head out to tidy things up, take a look at their suggestions.

Dangerous Holiday Plants for Pets

You may want to read this article from petMD as it names almost all of the wonderful plants traditionally associated with the holidays!  “There are some types of decorative plants that are toxic to dogs and cats. In some cases, only mild indigestion and discomfort will result, in other cases, the toxicity can lead to more severe health problems, and even fatalities.”  Check out the list and recommendations for how to avoid a nasty holiday surprise.