Bayley Beach

Planters, berms and beds are the result of hard work by our Gardeners in the area between the sand and parking lot at our town beach.  Ongoing maintenance has recently included restoration after Hurricane Sandy paid a visit in fall 2012. (continue)

Community Center Gardens

A major restoration project by the Club began in 1999 to restore the Community Center grounds to the grandeur the property once had and work continues to the present day. (continue)

Garden Therapy

Gardeners work with seniors in our area at Hill Top Homes, Broad River Homes, and Elder House to teach them everything from planting techniques to flower arranging.  (continue)

The Gardeners are proud to participate in the Grass Roots Tennis & Education program, working with area school children in an after-school program sponsored by the US Tennis Association. (continue)

McKinley Triangle

One of three traffic triangles maintained by Rowayton Gardeners, the landscaping here includes boulders and drought resistant plantings. (continue)

Pinkney Park

Originally the work at Pinkney Park included only the flagpole garden, but it now involves a significant collaboration with the City of Norwalk and its 6th Taxing District to make the area a pesticide-free zone. (continue)

Potting Shed

The transformation of the Potting Shed and Greenhouse behind the Library has allowed the Gardeners to hold many more classes, workshops, demonstrations and other activities for those of all ages. (continue)

Rowayton School Pond

In October 2012, the Federated Garden Club of Connecticut recognized this Rowayton Gardeners’ project to renovate the pond area by awarding the group its Lee Bauerfeld Award — a Traveling Silver Cup awarded to a club or individual for an outstanding civic project in the community. (continue)

Sammis Street Triangle

Originally created by the City of Norwalk, this lovely area is maintained by the Gardeners and much appreciated by those who walk the nearby paths and street. (continue)

Wetlands Restoration

Rowayton Gardeners have committed to help finance wetland restoration at the corner of Roton and McKinley avenues over the course of the next five years.  The Club is working in collaboration with the City of Norwalk and their Conservation Department. (continue)

White Bridge Triangle

At the edge of town, this traffic triangle serves to welcome many to our community. The nearby Rowayton Fuel Company helps water the bed so these plants can thrive. (continue)