Leadership – Committees

Rowayton Gardeners Committees and Sub-Committee Chairs as of August 2023

(Board Positions shown in Green)

Adult Programs: Amy Tyson
Christmas Market: Frani Taylor
Civic Beautification:
         Bayley Beach: Shirley Nichols, Barbara Currie
         Community Center Gardens: Phyllis Padro
                  Courtyard and Containers: Lilly Langotsky
                  Rose Beds: Stella Thomas    
         McKinley Triangle: Charlotte Gannon
         Pinkney Herb Garden: Ellen Duggins
         Pinkney Historic Rowayton Memorial Garden: Pamela Proctor
         Potting Shed Grounds & Fairy World: Pamela Proctor
         Rowayton School Pond: John Nestro
         Sammis Street Triangle: Frani Taylor
         White Bridge Triangle:  Pam Nielsen
         Wetlands: Frani Taylor
Communications: TBD
Environmental Awareness: Margo Epprecht
Fundraising Initiative Group “FIG” (TBD)
Garden Outreach: Mary Divett, Lisa Laible
Historian: Petrea Poler
Horticulture:  Kevin Tepas
Hospitality: Sally Tepas, Susan Anderson
Library Flowers: Judy Heilmann
Membership:  Julie Griffiths
  Amy Tyson
Potting Shed:  Elizabeth Harleman
         Adult Workshops: Amy Tyson
         Children’s Workshops: TBD
         Maintenance & Scheduling: Jane Bowen
         Organic Garden:  Gary Leeds
         Puppet Shows:  Linda Paolini, Frani Taylor, Amy Tyson
Spring Market: Sarah Boles