f07279912afdc2da9571a174ec2caba8_av74The Rowayton Gardeners was organized in 1957 by Mrs. John F. Falsey, Mrs. Lewis E. Gage and Mrs. Peter Leavitt. These women envisioned a group that would share and experience the joys of gardening. This vision quickly grew to include civic awareness and a commitment to beautify our community.

The Gardeners civic beautification efforts began with its establishment. Their first project was to trim lilacs at Jenkins boatyard then install and maintain flower boxes atop the Bayley beach pavilion. In 1959, the Gardeners purchased terrariums for the Rowayton Library (for placement in the building at 145 Rowayton Avenue that now houses the Rowayton Arts Center). In 1960 to 1961, the Gardeners began donating flowers (often from members’ gardens) to the Library on weekly basis year round.

In 1966, the Rowayton Library and the new Community Center moved to Highland Avenue and the Gardeners provided flower arrangements for the dedication that September. Members decorated the doors for Christmas, purchased a clock for the Library reading room and plantings for outside the Community Center. Today the Gardeners design, plant, and maintain the rose beds plus all other gardens on the Community Center/Library property.

Annual fundraisers (Christmas Market and Spring Market) are held at the Community Center. The proceeds from these sales provide a large part of the funding necessary for civic beautification projects as well as environmental, youth and senior programs. Over the years, the Rowayton Gardeners have been proud to receive grants from the Rowayton Civic Association and the 6th Taxing District for special capital projects in our community. Donations from local businesses and individuals are always welcome. Visit the donate page if you would like to support us in our efforts!

For a more complete history taken from our archives and now updated annually, click here.