Potting Shed Rental

The Rowayton Gardeners Club is pleased to offer its Potting Shed and designated grounds for rental use for small gatherings to larger events, up to 75 attendees. Rental is available to nonprofit organizations,
businesses and individuals over the age of 21. The policies for the use of the facility are established by the
Rowayton Gardeners Board of Directors and are subject to change at their discretion.

• All Rowayton Gardeners’ classes, programs, events, and meetings have priority in the use of the facility.
• Organizations, businesses and private renters may rent the space a maximum of four times per year, or at the discretion of the Rowayton Gardeners Board.
• Rentals are available from April thru November. The Potting Shed is closed during the winter months.

• Hours of rental shall include the setup, breakdown, and cleanup time necessary.
• Unless waived by the Rowayton Gardeners Board, reservations must be made at least three weeks prior to usage.
• The Renter’s setup needs shall be stated at the time of the application and the Renter will be responsible for setup/breakdown.

Fees &  Cancellation Policies
• Individuals and Businesses: $125/hour with 3 hour minimum (includes time for setup and cleanup)
• Non-profit organizations: $100/hour with 3 hour minimum (includes time for setup and cleanup)
• The total rental cost along with a $500 security deposit is due at signing.

Cancellation Policy:
• If the Renter cancels the event at least 48 hours prior to the event, all fees paid will be refunded, less a $50 administration fee.
• If Renter cancels the event less than 48 hours of the event, 50% of the total rental fee will be forfeited.
• The Club reserves the right to withdraw previously granted permission for rental at the discretion of the
Rowayton Gardeners Board of Directors. Should permission be withdrawn, all fees collected will be returned.

Application Process and More Information
Please email rowaytongardenersclub@gmail.com. A Rowayton Gardeners’ representative will contact applicant to discuss rental request and provide additional information.