Community Center Gardens

– Phyllis Padro, Chair

communitySince 1966 when the Rowayton Library moved to the new Community Center at 33 Highland Avenue, the Rowayton Gardeners have held most of the club meetings and events . The members have been enhancing the garden beds, library courtyard and flagpole area.

A major restoration project by the Club began in 1999 to restore the grounds to the grandeur the property once had and continues to the present day. Seven beds including the raised rose garden, flagpole garden, long field border, library window, courtyard planter and all beds surrounding the building have been planted by the Gardeners. Maintenance is done by Club members in group work sessions. Workshops covering pruning, propagation and plant identification are held using these gardens for hands-on learning to members and the community.

Currently, a yearly calendar for maintenance of the historic six acre property with its 100 foot, double sided border, a raised rose bed, mature foundation plantings, flagpole bed and courtyard containers includes work sessions at which volunteers work with experienced members and Club and visiting Master Gardeners who share their expertise about how to plant, renew and maintain the mixed border gardens.

Discussions and lessons about identifying and using natural controls on diseases and weeds, pruning basics and the effect of climate change on plants take place during work sessions. Hands-on sessions about pruning small trees and shrubs are held and teach what to cut and what not to cut (hydrangeas included). Generally in late March cleaning and sharpening tools are demonstrated.

Winter and Fall: overgrowth rejuvenation
Late Winter: rose cutting day maintenance, disease control, peg and tying techniques
February through March: winter pruning as weather permits
Late Winter and Summer: pruning fruit trees
Late November though early December: evergreen pruning (members only)
     Spring and Summer: pruning other small trees and shrubs including hydrangeas and roses

Summer and Winter:  containers including trees and shrubs in gardens and courtyard; trimming and repotting bonsai pear espalier

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