Perennial Transport & Setup

Friday, May 1

9:30 am - 4:30 pm

On the morning Friday, May 1st, we will need volunteers to help move the plants from Tammy’s house to the Community Center starting at 9:30 am. Let Tammy know if you can help with transportation.
Note that our “digs” will likely take place the last two weeks of April due to the late start of spring.  If you would like to help dig or have a garden that has some perennials to donate, again, please let Tammy know. (You may even have a friend or neighbor who would like some expert “thinning!”)
General setup for the sale will take place all day Friday either in the courtyard and RCC Moose Room or at the Potting Shed, depending on the state of grading and seeding of the area around the Shed.