How Do We Get Rid of Moles?

Q.  My wife and I just moved to Rowayton (Ledge Road) and we’ve discovered what appears to be a few mole holes in our lawn. Is there a preferred/efficient method of mole removal in Rowayton? While the holes are on the lawn (and not in a garden bed) I figured asking expert gardeners couldn’t hurt! Thanks in advance for any advice.


A.  Welcome to Rowayton!

We looked at the pictures you forwarded. Those holes could be dug by any number of animals. Have you actually seen the mole? The pictures don’t show the telltale ridges from their digging habits. We’ve included a link about CT moles: CT Wildlife –  Eastern Mole.
You may have a groundhog (woodchuck) problem. We have had our share  and they are truly pests! They vandalize tender plants and have an appetite for all vegetation, and, during the growing season, I have truly identified with Bill Murray’s character Carl in Caddy Shack. Though we tried to find the CT statute online we were unable. Its our understanding that to trap animals in CT as a homeowner you have a “catch 22” situation. You are allowed to trap animals on your property, but you can only release them on your own property. This is due to the rabies vector. If you cart the animal away and it carries rabies, you could be exposing a new area to rabies. On the other hand, in order to relocate a wild animal far enough away from your property that it is unable to return, you need to travel at least five miles AND cross two rivers. We expect your property in Rowayton is not that large! We’ve included a link to CT DEEP on woodchucks: DEEP Woodchuck Nuisance Problems.
Finally, it could be a skunk, a possum, bunnies, a fox den.
We suggest you investigate a reputable pest control expert. They are trained to identify pests and know the best way to alleviate each situation in the best way. They are licensed by the State of Connecticut to handle wildlife legally and safely. If you go online you should be able to find a few companies. Get estimates from a few of them, and make sure you are comfortable with their methods before hiring one.
We hope this has been helpful.