Policies and Governance: Communication Policies

  • Only the President may speak on behalf of the membership. Any statement regarding Club advocacy or opinion, regarding use of the Club logo or regarding Club sponsorship must be approved by a majority of the Board.
  • Our mailing list may not be used for private purposes and should not be shared by members with others outside the Club. Mailings from Constant Contact include only the individual recipient’s name and may be forwarded as appropriate. Mailings via regular email will contain member emails only in the “bcc” field so they are not available to those to whom the emails may be forwarded.
  • We permit members to share news of their own non-Club activities (e.g., art shows, book signings, lectures) by placing flyers or postcards on the sign-in table at General Meetings and in our monthly newsletter. Other email notifications about the events and needs of local organizations may be sent out no more frequently than once a week to our members, and only so long as these organizations donate to, collaborate with or otherwise benefit the Rowayton Gardeners.
  • Our website may, from time to time, publicize non-Club events and information on issues that may interest members and other readers. Preference, however, will be given to Club news on the home page. Generally, we will not post information on events that take place beyond Fairfield County.
  • Committee Chairs may edit our Facebook page with posts related directly to their Committee events. All members may make comments on existing posts, but views expressed by those commenting should reflect the mission of the Rowayton Gardeners.
  • The Communications Chair and President will determine whether information is suitable for publication or distribution.

Approved June 11, 2020