What’s going on in the wetlands next to Rowayton School Pond?

Q:  The wetlands next to Rowayton School Pond were a mess after Sandy hit, but I noticed that most of the fallen trees were removed and the area is looking decidedly better.  What’s going on?

A:  The Rowayton Gardeners’ wetland restoration project  is progressing nicely.  We have just about come to the end of our first year contract with All Habitat.  During this year we targeted specific invasive plants throughout the growing season.   Within the next month or so, All Habitat will be cutting down all the dead vegetation in the area so it can decompose over the winter.  Come spring, we will start our second year contract with the company, watching for the inevitable invasives to raise their ugly heads – and attacking them.  This year should show a drastic decrease in the invasive plants and shrubs, allowing the general health of the wetlands to improve and native, non-invasive plants to emerge.