What’s happening with the lawn at Pinkney Park?

Q: What’s happening with the lawn at Pinkney Park? I know the Gardeners were trying to make it “pesticide free” last spring and summer.

A:  Pinkney survived and thrived under the new lawn maintenance plan overseen by the Rowayton Gardeners and the 6th Taxing District Commissioners.  The plan was executed by Paul Saltanis and his crew from Country Green beginning in the early spring of 2013 and the lawn just received a final fall aerating, seeding & compost top-dressing a month ago.  Pinkney’s lawn received only the gentlest, entirely chemical-free care this year with one application of lime and 2 rounds of seeding.  (spring and fall)  We will continue to amend the soil there to provide a healthier base from which our new lawn can spring.