Butterfly Attraction


“Watching the hummingbirds zip around the garden is always fun, and having them hover around you as you water, read a book or pull weeds is a true treat. So how do you encourage more of these bundles of energy to visit your garden?”  Horticulture Magazine has 3 rules for you. For more butterfly-attractive tree and perennial names, consult Horticulture and Home Pest News from Iowa State University.

Summer Kid Fun in the Garden for Body and Mind


Another great collaboration between Rowayton Library and Rowayton Gardeners is on tap! Thursdays later this summer will bring a chance for kids to exercise their minds and bodies in the garden from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. All programs have limited space, so children ages 4 and up are encouraged to register at 203.838.5038. Sessions will be held in The Potting Shed as follows:

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First Ever Potting Shed Retreat Reflections


Our  Healthy Lifestyles Sampler Retreat on Saturday, June 4th, was an amazing all-day experience for our participants!  The retreat began with meditation and breakfast, then went on to include Yoga, creative writing, garden therapy, acupuncture talk, a lovely luncheon, floral arranging, a nutrition chat and a grand finale cocktail hour with a fun fairy house workshop! What a magical day in a magical setting…surely the first of many.

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Gardeners Marched!


The Rowayton Memorial Day Parade had the good sense to occur on sunny Sunday, May 29th, and the crowds were treated to their first look at the Gardeners’ shiny new friend – Tory & Sam Woodruff’s red tractor.  Our cart of plants, signs and marchers all promoted environmentally sound and gorgeous gardening.  What a lovely day! 

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Pinkney Garden Gets a New (Old) Fence


The next time you are downtown, take a moment to visit the Pinkney Historical Garden on the bank of the Five Mile River near the Historical Society Barn.  It is gorgeously planted, staked and now surrounded by beautiful period fencing.  Parts of the fence had lived in sections behind the barn for years after being salvaged from the old train station. The old fence has now been replicated and rehabilitated to fit the Pinkney plot, making that historical garden even more attractive and meaningful as the fence work was made possible through a memorial donation.