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Join us at United Church in Rowayton on Thursday, March 1st at 10:30 am to hear about “Odd Ball Plants for Odd Ball People.” Fasten your seatbelts for this ‘fun-tastic’ program presented by Adam Wheeler of the renowned Broken Arrow Nursery, in Hamden, CT. Broken Arrow and its team of experts strive to acquire, develop and grow rare, unusual and fabulous plants that will set your garden apart. Adam began working at Broken Arrow in 2004, after completing his BS degree in Urban Forestry and Landscape horticulture at the University of Vermont. buy phentermine with paypal

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents Public Parks – Private Gardens, Paris to Provence March 12th-July 29th.  This exhibition uses works by artists from Corot to Matisse to illustrate the horticultural boom that reshaped much of the French landscape during the 19th century. This presentation provides a fresh perspective on treasures housed in a museum that took root in a park: namely, New York’s Central Park, which was designed in the spirit of Parisian public parks of the same period.

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[Thanks to Horticulture Chair, Kevin Tepas, for this informative report!]  Boxwood is a popular hedge material because it is an evergreen with a dense growth habit. Hedges of boxwood (e.g. Boxus microphylla japonica ‘Green Beauty’) can provide walls around a lawn and divide the yard into different garden “rooms”.  When other plants die back in the winter, the boxwood hedges remain green.buy phentermine with online prescription

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Horticulture Magazine notes that we shouldn’t be afraid of letting some houseplants become root bound – they prefer it! “It’s generally best to keep cacti and other succulent plants underpotted, because it guards against rot. African violets and the related cape primrose do well when kept root bound, as do peace lilies, sansevieria, spider plants and ficus. In fact spider plants and sansevieria can continue to thrive even until their steel-like roots break the container in which they’re grown.”

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Horticulture Magazine has a great list of resolutions for all of us who enjoy our gardens. They preface the article: “The new year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past and dream for the future and maybe set some new year’s resolutions. These 12 ideas can help you be the best gardener you can be. Resolve to meet one goal each month, or simply use them as inspiration for your own list.” buy adipex ebay