Tag Sale Donations: Wed, 10 am-1pm & Thur, 1-4 pm

Watch Out for the Fig Buttercup!


Horticulture Chair Carol Giunta urges all homeowners to be on the lookout for invasive Lesser Celandine or Fig Buttercup. This pretty flower quickly creates a dense carpet of flowers with underground roots that will choke out all other small plants. This is the perfect time of year to eradicate it from your beds and lawn – see how to distinguish it from the native and lovely lookalike Marsh Marigold and learn how to get rid of the invasive “thug.”

Spring Plant & Tag Sale is May 7th, 9-noon


The Rowayton Gardeners’ Annual Spring Plant & Tag Sale fundraiser will be held Saturday, May 7th (rain or shine), from 9 am – 12 pm at The Potting Shed, located behind the Rowayton Community Center at 33 Highland Avenue. 

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Press Release from Ortho Brings Good News


Ortho, the nation’s leading brand of insect control products for lawn and garden use, said today it would immediately begin to transition away from the use of neonicotinoid-based pesticides for outdoor use and announced a new partnership with the Pollinator Stewardship Council to help educate homeowners on the safe and appropriate use of pesticides.

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Potting Shed Retreat!

For those of you who have wished that you might spend an entire day at The Potting Shed just being a creative, peaceful gardening person…well, we have just the event for you!  Please join us first the evening of Friday, June 4th, for a 2-hour introduction and welcome with cocktails. The following morning you’ll arrive for our Healthy Lifestyles Sampler Retreat…a delectable day-long affair that includes the following activities with area professionals:

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Norwalk Grass Roots Tennis & Education


Rowayton Gardeners had a great time last week helping the Grass Roots Tennis kids set up their garden for spring.  Any volunteers who would like to meet with the group are encouraged to contact the NGRT&E leadership team to find out how they can get involved on a onetime basis or regularly.

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