Horticulture’s List of Gardening Fiction

Horticulture Magazine says, “What better way to wile away the winter than by sinking into a great novel that includes plenty of garden and plant imagery and maybe a gardening protagonist, too? Here are some of our favorite works of fiction in which gardens and gardeners play a role (click here).”

Today, Bumblebees Made History…

Fearing that the rusty patched bumble bee, a striped black and yellow pollinator with a long black tail, could be lost forever, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designated the animal as endangered Tuesday (click for full press release). This rule becomes effective February 10th. The list of suspected causes for the disappearance, according to the agency, are things environmentalists have been railing against for years: farm pesticides, household herbicides, human development over bee habitat and climate change.

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Going Green: The dangers of pesticides and why organic lawn care is taking root

Our program on January 5th featured a talk by fellow Gardener, Priscilla Feral.  You can view the slide show (with audio narration) on YouTube by clicking here.  If you have any questions (the screening prompted much interesting discussion), please contact Priscilla by email at feral@friendsofanimals.org.

Christmas Market Photos

Our 2016 Christmas Market was blessed with sunny skies, though the stiff winds and cold temperatures reminded us that winter is almost here.The RCC Courtyard was unveiled just in time and the crowds were steady throughout the morning after the usual 10 am surge. Want a visual?

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Grapevine Wreaths Rock!

The Potting Shed recently hosted a terrific winter wreath workshop that Erin Combs and Amy Tyson led.  Fantastic materials – some purchased and some gathered locally – were one ingredient of the creative morning.  Just the right amount of instruction and a great deal of fun were two more essentials.  As usual, participants were astounded at their own ability to make a beautiful grapevine wreath.

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