COVID-19 in Rowayton

The Sixth Taxing District (Rowayton), the City of Norwalk and the Norwalk Health Department remind residents that social gatherings of any size are strongly discouraged until community transmission of COVID-19 has run its course. COVID-19 is a highly contagious new virus which can and is being transmitted here in Rowayton, even among individuals who have no symptoms. Adults and children alike, who continue to congregate, risk becoming infected or infecting others unknowingly. People over the age of 60 and those with underlying health conditions are particularly vulnerable to severe COVID-19 symptoms and are recommended to avoid social contacts as much as possible.

  • All Rowayton events, gatherings and meetings have been cancelled or postponed.
  • The Community Center building, the Library and the 6TD’s offices have been closed until further notice.
  • The RPTA has decided to close all Paddle Courts.
  • The 6TD had kept Bayley Beach open under the assumption that residents would observe the CDC’s strict social distance provisions.The Beach is now closed until further notice.

On Sunday, March 22nd Norwalk Mayor Rilling ordered Cranbury Park and School Properties to be closed effective immediately. This order is on top of the previous day’s order to close the playgrounds, basketball courts, and skate park at Calf Pasture Beach and Veteran’s Park. Anyone found on these properties can be charged with criminal trespassing.

The Mayor stated “I have issued advisories, guidance, and warnings. In spite of that, people are still not taking this situation seriously enough. Young people congregating in groups increases the risk of community transmission, putting each and every one of us at risk. I know some might feel invincible, but every person that contracts COVID-19 is likely to pass it on to at least one other person. That means parents and grandparents – people who may be severely affected by this virus – are at increased risk.”

At this moment, Rowayton’s Bayley Beach, our Dog Park, and tennis courts as well as Norwalk’s Calf Pasture Beach and Veteran’s Park remain open to the public, but those will be closed if members of the public do not adhere to proper social distancing guidelines.

The 6TD Commissioners have been in discussions about this and have been in a dialogue with the leadership of the Dog Park and RTA. We are all in agreement that we will need to close these facilities if residents cannot observe the rules.

As the Mayor stated, “I hope no other closures of public property happen, however, without further cooperation, it seems likely other facilities will be shut down. Parents – please talk to your children – stress the importance of social distancing – and inform them of the seriousness of this pandemic”

For the benefit of all our residents, neighbors and friends, anyone who has a test-positive case of COVID-19 must self-isolate. Self-isolation means: staying away from any situation where you could infect other people by being in ‘close contact’ (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more).

We need your cooperation to limit social contact and help protect our community. We understand it can be tempting to organize group outings, or even have “just have a few friends over”, but this can seriously undermine efforts to slow community spread.

It is important for community members to understand the following terms:

  • Quarantine: Governments use quarantines to stop the spread of contagious diseases. Quarantines are for people or groups who don’t have symptoms but were exposed to sickness and are intended to reduce the spread of the illness. Rowayton residents and people who work in town are asked to “self-quarantine” if you know you’ve been exposed.
  • Isolation: Isolation and Quarantine are often confused. Isolation in the case of COVID19 is for those people who are sick and have tested positive for the virus. A member of a household can be in “isolation” while other members of the household are in self-quarantine.

The CDC provides the following guidance on determining your risk of exposure to COVID19:

  • High Risk: Individuals living in the same house with or are the intimate partner of a symptomatic, test-confirmed case of the virus. Also, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are at high risk for contracting this disease and should be especially diligent in practicing social distancing.
  • Medium Risk: An individual who has had close contact (within 6 feet) with a symptomatic, test-confirmed case of the virus.
  • Low Risk: An individual who was in the same place (room, classroom, waiting room, etc.) with a symptomatic, test-confirmed case of the virus but was not in close contact (within 6 feet) with the sick individual.
  • No Identifiable Risk: Interactions that are limited and do not fall in the categories above.


The COVID-19 pandemic is an emerging crisis in Rowayton and surrounding communities. Take personal responsibility for the health and well-being of yourself and your family.

Visit ,  and  or call 2-1-1 for non-medical, general COVID-19 related questions. Call your doctor if you have virus symptoms.

For the latest updates on Norwalk services, hours, and community resources please visit . The latest health news and updates can be found at

Several local businesses are still open for delivery, take-out and curbside pick-up. If you want to support local businesses take a look at which is building a comprehensive list.

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