Free Film Screening of SEED: The Untold Story

Thursday, April 27

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Seeds have been worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind. SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy.

In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. In a harrowing and heartening story, a determined group of farmers, scientists, lawyers and indigenous seed keepers rekindle a lost connection to our most treasured resource and revive a culture connected to seeds. SEED features Vandana Shiva, Dr. Jane Goodall, Andrew Kimbrell, Winona Laduke and Raj Patel.

After the documentary film, hear how the Rowayton Gardeners recently benefitted from a donation of seeds from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds company and how they are exploring the concept of a Rowayton Seed Library and/or Exchange Program in which you can participate.

An engaging film, lively conversation, and tasty refreshments are guaranteed. Please register online to reserve your spot for this terrific program cosponsored by the Rowayton Library and Rowayton Gardeners. The film will be shown in the Rowayton Community Center at 7 pm on Saturday, April 27th. There is no admission charge.

Sign up online: