General Membership Meeting

Thursday, October 1

9:30 am - 11:30 am

Note that our meeting is October 1st, Thursday, not October 2nd, Thursday as in the recent newsletter!  My error – Kathy

Business Agenda:
Call to Order
Membership Report and Welcome to new members
Approval of Minutes from 9/10/15
Treasurer’s Report
Motion to Approve Purchase of 2 Event Banners out of general undesignated funds
Corresponding Secretary
Horticulture Presentation
Flower Show Update
Other News and Updates

Think you’ve got a brown thumb? Think, again! Tovah Martin, one of our groups’ favorite speakers will be here with her newest lecture, |“Give Peace Lilies a Chance.” She’ll be talking about houseplants from “A to Z”… what to grow, how to grow, where to grow and how to dress our plants for success. Displaying never-say-die plants, beautifully, is what this lecture is all about!