Rowayton Gardeners Board Meeting

Thursday, August 24

9:30 am - 11:00 am

This meeting will be held at the Bain House (78 Wilson Avenue) from 9:30 am to 11 am.  Please park in the driveway or on Steepletop. Walking or carpooling is recommended if feasible. Refreshments will be served.


President’s Remarks (Kathy Leeds)
October 25th awards luncheon (FGCCT)

Approval of Minutes (Karin Van Sloten)

Treasurer’s Report (Michele Casey and Lisa Shanahan)
~~Year-End 2016-17 Financial Statement and 2017-18 Budget adjustment
~~Approval of return of $5,000 to “undesignated” upon abandonment of signage project
~~Online payment activation
~~QuickBooks migration

Committee Reports
~~Christmas Market (Frani Taylor)
~~Hospitality (Sally Tepas and Cathy Konstantin)
~~Membership – Report on Dues and Member Directory (Stella Thomas)
~~Plant Sale (Kathy Leeds and Amy Tyson)
~~~~~Approval of proposed change in date
~~~~~Report on meeting on 8/15
~~Kukuit Field Trip (Charlotte Gannon and Judy Heilmann)
~~Alternate locations for RG meetings (Betsy Bain)
~~~~~Board meetings
~~~~~General meetings

Other Business