Rowayton Gardeners General Meeting

Thursday, March 1

9:30 am - 11:30 am

Location:  United Church, 210 Rowayton Avenue, Rowayton

All members are welcome and urged to attend.
An agenda will be published prior to the meeting.

Program: Odd Ball Plants for Odd Ball People
Fasten your seatbelts for this ‘fun-tastic’ program presented by Adam Wheeler of the renowned Broken Arrow Nursery, in Hamden, CT. Broken Arrow and its team of experts strive to acquire, develop and grow rare, unusual and fabulous plants that will set your garden apart. Adam began working at Broken Arrow in 2004, after completing his BS degree in Urban Forestry and Landscape horticulture at the University of Vermont. He lectures widely on a variety of subjects and is an adjunct lecturer at Naugatuck Valley Community Colleg and the Berkshire Botanical Garden. Adam Wheeler will present a fun-filled lecture that explores the world of unusual and uncommon woody plants with a special eye focused on rarities best suited for New England landscapes. Adventurous gardeners with an experimental appetite will learn about a diversity of treasures available from only a handful of sources in the world. Ornamental qualities, cultural details and design persepctive are all integrated into this wonderfully weird and visually pleasing presentation.