Wicked and Wonderful Weeds, and What to do About Them!

Thursday, April 7

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Are weeds driving you to your wits end? The timing is perfect to get a head-start on weed control for the coming season. Join us for our April program featuring Garden Expert, Michele MacKinnon, who is an Advanced Master Gardener and an Organic Land Care Professional. She is a frequent speaker and contributor to the Sierra Club’s Connecticut chapter newsletter, teaches organic gardening courses for Newtown’s Continuing Education programs, and is a widely sought after lecturer for garden clubs and community events. Michele will tackle the popular, yet highly unpopular, topic of Weed Control. She’ll explain: why dandelions and other ‘weeds’ offer benefits; how weed growth habits relate to effective removal methods; offer safe, eco-friendly control techniques that work; how invasive plants differ from common weeds, and provide attendees with a list of books and helpful resources to turn your weeds from wicked to wonderful. All are welcome to join us at the Rowayton Community Center for this fabulous free and informative program from 10:30 to 11:30 on April 7th.