General Meeting March 2014

General Business Meeting
1. Reports

  • Minutes – Sarah G
  • Treasurer’s Report: Lisa S
  • Correspondence Report – Carol G

2. Membership: Stella T

  • New members: Deborah Connelly & Cathy Killefer

3. By-Laws Vote – Betsy B
4. Potting Shed – Erin C / Tory W

  • Programming Update / Sign-Up Sheets
  • Memorandum Of Understanding Signed
  • Electrical Panel Costs

5. Scholarship Update – Mary V / Stephanie C
6. Plant Sale Update – Erin C
7. Norwalk Land Trust Letter – Marny S / Sarah G
8. Website Report: Kathy L
9. Environmental Report – Mary V

Program: ‘Ask the Experts’ – Round Robin
Start Time: 10:30am

Our format will be Round Robin Style with six of our Rowayton Gardening Gurus stationed around the meeting room for a quick-fire presentation or hands on learning experience.
Meet Our Gardening Gurus:

  • Sally Tepas: ‘Houseplant Propagation’
  • Erin Combs & Tory Woodruff: ‘Make a Soil Block’
  • Kathy Draper: ‘Fixing’ Flowers for your Home’
  • Petrea Poler: ‘Easy, Peasy Paper Pots’
  • Sarah Graber: ‘Inspired Ideas for your Perennial Garden’

Don’t miss this opportunity to beat the ‘winter blues’ and gain some springtime inspiration for your home and garden!