New Xeriscape Garden at Bayley Beach

Rowayton Gardeners have maintained, restored and improved the berm gardens along the Bayley Beach’s parking lot for years. We’ve also tended containers, planted a flagpole garden and added screening trees and grasses plantings along the Roton Point fence.  This year, we are using our funds to build a proper stone surround for the Bayley flagpole (in July/August) and to establish a xeriscape garden on the largest berm (right now!).  Here’s a slideshow of the work done so far…

(click on the arrows to advance the slides)

Take a walk down to check it out  – the berm has received a much needed facelift – literally – with the elevation of several large boulders and the pruning and relocation of several overgrown shrubs. With help from the 6th Taxing District staff, an anonymous donation of mulch, the addition of topsoil and dozens of drought-resistant bushes and perennials from Courville Nursery, the area has been transformed into Rowayton’s model xeriscape garden.

Xeriscape landscaping, by definition is landscaping designed specifically for areas that are susceptible to drought or for properties where water conservation is practiced. Derived from the Greek word XEROS, meaning dry, the term literally means “dry landscaping.” The goal of xeriscape garden design is to create a visually attractive landscape that uses native and other drought-tolerant plants to significantly reduce water usage.  I thing you’ll agree that the new additions at Bayley are stunning – a fitting welcome for residents and visitors alike.  Thanks go to Chair Ellen Duggins and her hard-working committee! They’ll be adding to the garden over the summer once the patch has had a chance to settle, so stay tuned!