Pinkney Park Greening

 In 2013, Rowayton Gardeners helped to select a new chemical-free landscape company (Country Green, LLC) to transition the lawn care plan at Pinkney Park to a pesticide-free program.  The Club has partnered in an advisory role with the 6th Taxing District Commissioners to make this town park a true showcase for organic and chemical-free gardening.  Rowayton Gardeners will help to finance and execute alternative methods to keeping Pinkney “green”.  For example, in spring 2013, the Gardeners introduced healthy nitrogen-fixing white clover seed to the trouble areas.  In fall 2013, the Club will contribute to soil amendment work to help enhance the lawn for the future.

Further, Rowayton Gardeners are collaborating with the Rowayton Historical Society Memorial Garden gardeners to help create a connection between the Flag Pole Herb bed and the Memorial Garden.  We have begun sharing seedlings & ideas to make these beautiful gardens even more lush and healthy.  To help educate and intrigue our fellow Park friends, we have used copper garden markers to identify all of our plant material in the herb bed and memorial garden.

Finally, the Gardeners are overseeing and helping to finance the restoration of the Pinkney Park apple orchard over the course of the next 5 years.  Thanks to a generous donation from the Norwalk Tree Alliance, we will plant our first apple tree this fall.  We will work collaboratively with local nursery schools to take advantage of an educational gardening opportunity and allow the schools the chance to take part in this important historical and ecological lesson.  The Gardeners will continue to provide stewardship for the orchard’s care in future years as our funds allow.


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