Potting Shed Garden Camp Debut

The Potting Shed has been active since the Gardeners started using it on Farrell Day last fall.  Still, with the debut of our Potting Shed Garden Camp in June, it felt to many that the true potential for the space to serve as a dynamic center for learning and fun truly came to fruition.  There was inspiring leadership from Tory Woodruff and Erin Combs, instruction from John Igneri, Lynn Stephens Massey, and Veronica Massey, and general helpful hands from Sally Tepas, Dani Snow, Kathy Killefer, Linda Paolini, and June Klopfer.  There were 20 adorable and enthusiastic “campers,” and thanks to the awesome photographic talents of Drew Lamm, we have an amazing record of the fun.  What a success!  We will continue to provide garden learning in an even bigger way when our new organic vegetable garden patch is installed next to the greenhouse this summer…stay tuned.

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