Spring Sale Soggy But Successful!

Thanks to the hard work and donations of members and to the steady stream of customers for our Plant & Tag sale, we netted over $8,000 last Saturday! The week preceding the sales was challenging due to the wet weather and the sale itself was even more so. Still, in the words of Chair Erin Combs: “The perennials that were dug from so many of your beautiful gardens were lush, healthy and great sellers!  Bravo to all of you who dug your little hearts out and an even bigger thanks to those of you who graciously offered up your spaces for us to cull plants from.

The tag sale was chock full of fun treasures, all staged with creativity and care – what a great scene that was!  Thank you tag sale divas for all the magic performed in that tent!  The Potting Shed cafe was packed to the gills with tasty treats and wonderful smells to warm the tummy and soul on a damp day.  You ladies really created such an inviting and delicious little world in there.  Hats off to the cafe chicas!

And all of the above was nestled in and around our lovely Potting Shed grounds which looked welcoming, charming and happy despite the cool, drizzly weather.  Every shopper commented on the plant material, the fun scene & the helpfulness of our fabulous staff.  Everyone went away content – I hope that you all did too.  You worked your little butts off and it paid off. We made some cash, had some fun & once again showed our grateful community that the Rowayton Gardeners are truly a Force of Nature.  Bravo all!”