This is the “De-icing Season”

As temperatures drop, we will soon be breaking out the snow shovels and ice chippers and whatever it is we use to make walking and driving less treacherous.  Our Horticulture Chair, Kevin Tepas, has found a couple of articles that are worth consulting before you make that annual trip to Home Depot to stock up on deicing supplies. He summarizes: Use deicers sparingly but as needed to prevent slip and fall injuries; read the ingredients on the bag; products with calcium chloride (CaCl2) and calciummagnesium acetate (CMA) are generally less harmful and may even offer some benefit; if the ingredients are not stated on the bag, avoid that product; review the list of plants impacted most and least by deicers and plan (plant?) accordingly.

More detailed guidance can be found here in an article from Occidental Chemical Corporation:
A Review of Deicers and their Effect on Vegetation

And particularly relevant advice comes from Chemical Solutions, Inc. (see these paragraphs):
Protecting Your Landscape from Deicers
What You Need to Know About Deicers and Surrounding Vegetation